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Stephen Pustai II Owner & Founder

Stephen is a Teacher, Guide and 3rd Step Ritual Master with the Modern Mystery School in the Lineage of King Salomon. He is a 4th generation intuitive and has been actively working with energy and metaphysics since he was 13. At 18 he received his first Reiki attunement and has been working with Reiki healing energy for 20+ years, during that time he received his Reiki Masters Teacher certificate. He has taught many classes including Tarot and Psychic Development. People who have come for his Healing services have had a wide range of amazing experiences ranging from a loss of chronic pain to a deep state of relaxation, increased energy, and even full healing of life-threatening dis-eases.

He came from a childhood filled with trials and knew there had to be more to this life. He began searching. Feeling a call to lightwork at the age of 8. He first started working in the healing arts using crystals, sound tools, and the tarot. He noticed how that energy lends itself to ours helping us to remove blockages and strengthen our energy to help us achieve our highest and best for this life. When we remove energetic blockages, we open ourselves up to the ebb and flow of energy from the Universe, from the divine, to create and manifest our hearts desires. By the age of 13 he was Reiki Certified and by age 18 was doing this part-time professionally. He has worked all of the country and facilitated healing internationally.