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Eric Hatch Life Activation Practitioner

Eric is a 2nd step Initiate, Kabbalist, and Life Activation Practitioner who specialises in working with animals and their humans. He has been in touch with this Intuitive side since he was a young child and uses these gifts to help both animals and humans heal.

Eric was adopted as a child, and with older parents and no other siblings in the home, he learned how to communicate with his spirit guides on a deep level. After searching for many years, Eric found the Modern Mystery School and the ancient Lineage of King Solomon, where he continues to study Hermetics, Metaphysics and ancient healing modalities. It is Eric’s mission to help animals and people onto a path of joy and healing.

Eric has been assisting us as a part of the team but is ready to take his service to others to the next level offering the Life Activation as well as Crystal Healings and Readings.