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Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing brings relief to anyone feeling the weight of past relationships and negative experiences. Are you having a hard time letting go? Or does your energy feel drained and you want a fresh start? The energy clearing session assists with releasing negative cords and brings more light to clear your aura of energies that no longer serve.

Negative cords are formed when there is an energetic link between you and another individual. This could happen due to an argument, resentment, judgments and opinions expressed between you and another person. Past relationships often form the thickest cords, especially if they are romantic relationships. Not all cords are bad, however, if a relationship ends it can leave you feeling the weight of another person’s energy. You may feel drained or down without knowing why.

Session includes:

  • Negative Energy Removal
  • Cutting Negative Cords
  • Casting of Good intentions
  • Light-infused Aura Purification
  • Shamanic Aura Clearing (optional add-on just $50 normally $75)

Benefits include:

  • Relief from negative thoughts that creep in from outside of yourself
  • Releasing negative ties with people that tend to hold you back
  • Clean energetic start after a break-up, loss, or job-change
  • Assisting with moving on rather than feeling weighed down by other’s negativity
  • Increased capacity to hold more light/positive energy within the aura

Takes approximately 30 minutes and is all for only $125. ($175 when combined with the Shamanic Aura Healing.)