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Egyptian Aura Healing

Manifest your life’s purpose

The Egyptian Aura Healing is a ceremonial healing from the Lineage of King Solomonthat honors the sacredness of the human body. It cleanses, balances, and rewires the aura to help you manifest your life’s purpose. In each session, you will create a mission statement about what you are ready to heal, release, and shift in your life; in sacred ceremony you will call upon the powerful Egyptian pantheon of gods in the family of Ra to help you manifest your mission.

The energy field that surrounds the body is composed of several layers that blend together to form the aura. These seven layers are: spirit level, thinking level, soul level, astral level, dreaming level, planning level, and action level. Damage to any of these layers of the aura leads to opportunistic patterns, illnesses, and thought-loops which make it difficult for us to manifest our life’s passions. This healing will sync up your thoughts, passion, dreams, plans, and actions. The more we keep our sacred union to spirit intact, the better it is for the planet, our lives, and our sacred contracts.

Often when we have been through a shock of any kind (physical, emotional, mental, or psychological), our systems get out of alignment and need some fine tuning so we can feel whole again. Egyptian aura healing is an amazing treatment to support you to return to wholeness, balance, and vitality.

Benefits of Egyptian Aura Healing

  • Synchronize aura levels
  • Replacing old and obstructive patterns
  • Clears emotional blockages and build-up in the aura
  • Supportive for times of life transitions – switching jobs; beginning or ending relationships; grief and bereavement support; moving; the birth of a child (for both parents) or adoption; recovery from major surgery; etc.
  • Addresses & heals emotional trauma from the past
  • Connects you more fully with your sacred divinity
  • Brings in more energy and joy in your everyday experience
  • Replaces old and obstructive patterns
  • Assists the management of any acute or chronic pain
  • Relieves stress and improves emotional conditions such as depression, anxiety, and mood swings.
  • Brings harmony, balance and peace to all aspects of life
  • Assists in the healing of fears and traumas
  • Aids in manifesting goals and healing bodies
  • Increases psychic powers and abilities to see energy
  • Increases feeling of aliveness by bringing us more fully into the present.
  • Increases self-awareness which enables you to better orient yourself in all types of relationships
  • Accelerates the process of spiritual development and enlightenment


As the benefits of Egyptian aura healing are cumulative, we recommend a session every 3-6 weeks, depending on your goals.

To increase the efficacy of the aura healing, you may wish to combine your sessions with Crystal Healing Session(s) for only $60, (Must be done separately) or Crystal Healing Rites $10 (Can be done at the same time.)

This session is approximately 45 minutes and $90