Cord Cutting Trifecta

Energetic Cord-Cutting, Negative Energy Removal, Purification by Light, and Good Intention Casting. All 4 healings for just $125 or $50 each


When a cord has formed between you and another person, or incident, energy flows back and forth, even if you are no longer in the other person’s life or within physical proximity. If negative emotional patterns are associated with that relationship, person, or experience, your energy and life force can become drained and depleted, keeping you stuck in the patterns of your past. These emotional cords take 7 years to dissolve naturally.

Once your cords are cut through this process, you are free to reconnect with those who are important to you! As a result, you can reestablish your current relationships on a new and healthier level, with new energy and focus.


Clears Negative Energy allowing you to be more in control of your life. Thoughts are things, and other people’s thoughts about you can affect your life, for better or worse. A negative effect can be caused by as little as intentional negative thoughts directed toward you by another person, such as someone swearing at you during rush hour traffic, or as much as an outright curse. These negative energies directed at you can result in interferences in your life that can slow you down or make you feel like things are stacked against you. In this simple but powerful process, all negative energies are reversed, cleared, and sent back to where they came from, to be used in accordance with the light.
Clearing away the interference from other people’s negative thoughts and projections towards us is appropriate for anyone and is something we recommend everyone to consider receiving regularly.


This session clears away any debris or unwanted energies in your aura. In this session you will receive a download of beautiful energy, clearing out negative energies that attach to us as we go about our daily lives. These foreign energies cause emotional pain and disconnection and decrease our ability to function. This clearing leaves you with a refreshing feeling of lightness and peacefulness.
Especially assists with:

• Emotional Healing
• Healing from Recent Trauma
• A break-up or divorce
• Death of a loved one
• A move, job change or life transition
• Abusive or co-dependent relationships