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Interstellar Channeling Event with Master Aethena

We are grateful to have YOKO here at Ancient Mysteries Healing Arts Center to offer this amazing channeling and meditative experience for one night only!

Channeling is the art of communication with divine beings, and it requires a firm foundation and training to be a clear and clean channel with divine protection.

YOKO has been trained in the Advanced Channeling School with the lineage of King Salomon to bring down the Interstellar energy for the New Paradigm.
You will meet Master Aethena whom YOKO channels under the protection of the Hierarchy of Light. Master Aethena is an Ancient Being who has a strong connection with Unicorns and is a member of the Shamballah Council to usher in the New Paradigm – the New Shamballah. Her Mission is to bring Duality into Unity through her gifts of Wisdom and Purification.
You are invited to experience the energy of True Channeling that opens up the gate of Divinity – In this group experience, Yoko will guide you through healing meditation with the Unicorn Goddess and offer you a Short channeling message.
Advance registration is required.

Event Details