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Empower Thyself Initiation

Empower Thyself – September 2024

Experience alchemy for your soul with a two-day class featuring sacred mystery school teachings and an ancient rite of passage called Initiation. This 2-day class will assist with your ability to transform, transmute, and achieve a higher vibration. The ultimate result is accelerated spiritual progression.

Initiation is one of the essential keys to living out your destiny, manifesting your greatest potential and harnessing your innate gifts. This initiation is an ancient gift of empowerment from an unbroken wisdom school lineage designed to help you get more out of life.

Experience a sacred rite of passage called an initiation:

  • Initiation helps to raise your vibration and maintain your light rather than scattering your energy or feeling weighed down. It opens channels of light within you to assist with aligning you to inner truth, purpose, and spiritual guidance. It sets you on an accelerated path of self-mastery.
  • Receive a Shamanic “handing down” of ancient keys that awaken you to knowledge deep within you and helps expand and protect your energy body. Gain tools to manage your energy and align with the light within as you face the challenges of life.
  • Gain ten times more light and positive energy as a result of your initiation. Expand the amount of light within your energy body. The process of self-mastery allows you to direct this energy with your Will, applying focused energy toward your goals and having a greater impact in the world.

  • Initiate the process of inner alchemy.  Alchemy is the science of the soul.  It is spiritual technology given to the human race to support our evolution.  Through the process of the Empower Thyself Initiation we can apply the science of alchemy to transform ourselves to reach our highest potential.
This course is rite of passage, bringing ancient wisdom and tools to support humanity’s spiritual evolution in the modern era. Receive this sacred handing down, within an unbroken Mystery School lineage as it has been done for thousands of years. The self-investment will pay off time and time again.

What is Covered in this Class:

  • Structure of the universe – how to relate with beings of light such as angels, elementals, and masters of light. Plus, deeper teachings about the first and second quorum of archangels, the 12 councils, and how to work with them.
  • Energy structure of the human body, etheric body, soul body, spirit body, and chakra system, plus the 7 Spiritual Dimensions and the 12 Dimensions of Earth.
  • Powers of the universe – teachings about the magnetic, auric, elements, etheric, and dimensions plus information about the 7 Rays and the 7 Ancient Mystery Schools.

  • Universal Kabbalah – how the tree of life relates to the physical body and spiritual planes of existence.

  • Chi / Qi / Ki – how to tap into universal life force energy using a technique handed down to you called ChiDo.

  • Ancient lineage rituals to work with your energy and the energy of the universe are handed down to you to use on a regular basis. Use these rituals to align with positive energy, and to protect your energy body from outside influences to stay aligned with the light within.

  • Influences of the positive and negative ego on the true self and how to direct your mind to be a source of positive energy in your life and in the world.

  • Exercises to enhance your ability to perceive and become more intuitive.

  • Meditation – importance of passive and active styles, related to brain waves, breathing/relaxation techniques, how to activate the pineal gland while meditating, plus a shamanic technique is handed down to reach a higher point of connection during meditation and introduce you to your Higher Self and your personal place of power.

What is the Origin of these Teachings?

The teachings and initiation have been preserved within the Modern Mystery School from the  lineage of King Salomon. Lineage is the key and an important factor when determining the integrity and authority of a true Mystery School. The Modern Mystery School has an unbroken handing down of this ancient lineage for over 3000 years, to the times of King Salomon, and the oral tradition goes back 8,000 years to the time of Hermes. In the tradition of the Mystery School, the teachings are passed on from teacher to student through a sacred process of initiation.

These teachings are now available to anyone who chooses to walk the path of initiation and engage in the Great Work: to live in alignment with who you truly are, uncovering the vast potential within, and living your purpose.

How are these Teachings Handed Down?

Through initiation. Initiation puts forces in motion for your own personal transformation and spiritual journey.

Initiation is used to physically anchor spiritual energies such as light, power and protection. But what does this mean? You will have greater clarity to make choices in your life.

The Initiation and the knowledge that is handed down create an empowered lifestyle, opening the potential for self-mastery, expanding awareness of your potential, and supporting you to live in alignment with this emerging vision of who you are and what is possible.

What You Receive:

  • 2-day program and initiation
  • Student manual and 3-ring binder for class notes
  • Follow-up meeting and Ongoing support from your Guide

Investment: $1295

Register with a $400 deposit

NOTE: A Life Activation is a required pre-requisite to receiving the Empower Thyself initiation. This 1-on-1 healing session can be scheduled separately, anytime before the start of class. 
Package Pricing:

Basic: Life Activation and Negative Energy Removal $375 – Save $70

Empowerment Package: Life Activation, Empower Thyself Initiation (2-Day Class) $1500 Save $95

Deluxe: Life Activation, Negative Energy Clearing, Full Spirit Activation $500 – Save $195

Total Empowerment Package: Life Activation, Negative Energy Clearing, Full Spirit Activation, Empower Thyself Initiation (2-Day Class) $1750 – Save $240


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